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We forge our own fate - forget the destiny. We forge our own fate - forget the destiny. We forge our own fate - forget the destiny. We forge our own fate - forget the destiny. We forge our own fate - forget the destiny. We forge our own fate - forget the destiny. We forge our own fate - forget the destiny.


EtherealRO Forum
EtherealRO Site

Character simulators::



http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~magnusrk/calc/ - Probably the most popular one
http://is.obsydyon.net/ - According to Seymour - the best calc. Easy to use, and has many useful features. Doesn't work under Firefox though.
http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA021310/ragnarok/db_archer_calc_en.html - Hunter calculator, for traps damage
http://mitglied.lycos.de/hompfkop/rag/huntercalc.php - Hunter calc
http://www.blainehelmick.com/games/occalc.shtml - Overcharge/Discount Calc
http://www.student.gsu.edu/~ppadole1/Flee.html - Flee chart
http://tomcat1.s13.xrea.com/bs/calc_en.html - Forge calculator
http://www.glls09591.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/upgrade.jpg - Upgrade chart
http://users.teledisnet.be/web/yco20566/index.html - Upgrade cost
http://www.ro-guardians.com/calc/ - Calc for transcendent jobs

Skill tree::

http://sophia.smith.edu/~lyamada/ Skill calc for transcendent classes, and potion making info.
http://www.ragnarokhq.com/skillsim/ - nice skill calc. Good functionality and skills description.


http://www.ragnainfo.net/forums/ - Big and up-to-date forum. One of the biggest sources of knowledge about RO
http://www.roempire.com/ - According to Distant - the most useful site. Good search engines on the main site and tons of information in forums.
http://emperium.org/ - Great site reopened.
http://rodatazone.simgaming.net/ - RO Mechanics in detail. Very interesting!
http://www.rodatabase.org/ - Crow's favorite search engine.
http://www.rocards.de/ - German language, but consists interesting info.
http://rune-nifelheim.com/castlemaps.php - WoE maps !!
http://ragnarok.gamona.de/index.php?show=mixing - Item mixing
http://www.mobl2.com/mro/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4529 - Castle drops with %
http://www.healplz.com/ - Music, skins, other useless stuff ;P
http://ragnarok.gamona.de/index.php?show=townID14 - another German site, best town maps I've ever seen


http://www.ro-freya.net/ - Freya (RO server emulator) website
http://web.tri-isys.com/wczuniga/ragnarok/ - Ragnarok endurance arena, nice flash game
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/ - great webcomic